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746 N. Maple Grove Ave.
Hudson, MI 49247
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  Hudson Middle/High
771 N. Maple Grove Ave.
Hudson MI 49247
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ext. 240

Greetings from Dr. Osborne, Superintendent 


A Bright Future

What a privilege it is to serve as an educator today! These are some of the most challenging times but the challenges of this day are what make this work rewarding. Now more than ever young people need to be surrounded by caring adults. Young people need adults in their lives that will encourage them, challenge them, nurture them and help to shape their future. Hudson Area Schools is proud to serve the community of Hudson by preparing its young people for the challenges of tomorrow.
The teachers and staff at Hudson Area Schools care about our community and our young people. Hudson teachers and staff understand what students need to be successful. They understand that students need to be and feel safe. They understand what students need to know to be prepared for the future. They understand that students need opportunities to try out their growing knowledge and abilities in a supportive environment. They understand these things and are committed to providing them.
If you are currently a part of our Hudson community we thank you for your commitment and support. We look forward to sharing in the work of preparing for our future by preparing our young people. If you are not yet a part of the Hudson community, we encourage you to find out more. Find out what so many young people and families have discovered…your future is bright at Hudson Area Schools!
Hudson Area Schools: Where student success is our priority!