Alternative Energy Project


Solar and wind energy isn’t just for homes!

Hudson Area Schoolsl installed a set of solar photovoltaic panels at the Lincoln Elementary building. These panels convert sunlight directly into electricity, which is then fed through an electronic device called an inverter, and right into the school’s electrical system. Also installed at Lincoln is the SWIFT Wind Turbine, a pole mountable wind turbine is installed that provides a quiet, cost-effective renewable energy source for our use. Lights and equipment in the building get some of their energy from the solar panels and wind turbine.

In our science classes, the students learn about solar energy and how the solar panels on their roof work! In addition, a web page shows details about the energy being generated allowing students and teachers to monitor the output of the system right on the Internet.

The solar panel is rated at 1 kW (1,000 watts) and the wind turbine is capable of generating up to 1500 Watts at peak production. These two systems provides a small portion of the school’s electrical needs. This system is an educational tool to show students how solar photovoltaics and wind energy turbines work!

This link HERE* can connect you to the Status page of these two exciting alternative energy sources.

*This is a work in progress!