Remote Learning Update

*Updated 11/25*

Since this is a holiday week, we wanted to get an update to you early in the week. One of the primary issues is to notify you of our plan for the week of November 30 – December 4. Below are the current plans and a few reminders.

The Week of November 30 – December 4-

  • Grades 9-12 – The State of Michigan has required that all students in grades 9-12 remain in remote learning until December 8. The Tech Center is also in remote learning until December 8.\
  • Grades K-8- At this time we will plan to meet in-person for all students in grades K-8. Please watch for announcements throughout the week. We will continue to monitor the number of students and staff that test positive or that are quarantined. It is always possible that we may need to move back to remote before we get to the end of the week


  • Student Learning- We have a small number of students that have not been active in their remote classes. It is very critical that students fully engaged in their classes whether the class is remote or in-person. Student grades will be based on a cumulation of work that is done in both learning modes.
  • Decision Making- Our ultimate goal is to be in-person for instruction whenever possible and when it is safe. We always consult the Health Department. When we met with the Lenawee Health Department recently, they indicated to the county that they are comfortable with county schools making the decision to continue in-person instruction. We believe that in-person instruction is best for our students and best for our school families when it can be done safely.
  • Protocols- Please continue to use our Student Health Screening form to determine if you should send your student to school. If your student has any of the symptoms listed on the screener, do not send them to school.
  • Notify- Please notify your students building if your student is quarantined or tests positive. It can be difficult for the district to know if our students quarantine or test positive due to circumstances outside the district. By letting us know, you allow us to track where we are as a district and allow us to make better decisions.
  • Covid Count- We are posting daily updates on our website. Below is our Covid update as of this morning. Many of the students and staff that have tested positive and who are currently quarantined will be out of quarantine in the next few days.

As of today, here is our district data;

Date: November 25, 2020

Positive Cases

1 - Elementary Teachers

0 - Elementary Support Staff

1 - Elementary Students

0 - MS/JR SR High School Teacher

1 - MS/JR SR High Support Staff

0 - MS/JR SR High Students



4 - Elementary Teachers

5 - Elementary Support Staff

0 - Elementary Classrooms

0 - Elementary Students

1 - MS/JR SR High School Teacher

0 - MS/JR SR High Support Staff

2 - MS/JR SR High Students

0 - MS/JR SR High Classrooms

While we are remote, all internet labs will continue to be open and transportation is available to these labs. The labs include the elementary lab (Lincoln Elementary), the MS, JR high school lab (MS, JR/SR High School), the high school lab (MS, JR/SR High School), the virtual academy lab (CSI), and the alternative ed lab (CSI). The virtual academy lab and alternative education labs are open as normal. The elementary and MS, JR/SR HS labs will be open daily from 8:30 AM- 10:30 AM and 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM.

Bus transportation is available daily for families that need transportation to the internet Labs. To access the Lincoln Elementary or MS, JR/SR High school labs or to schedule a bus pick up you must schedule a day in advance by calling 448-8912 x224.

We know that it is very disruptive for your family to go back and for the between in-person instruction and remote instruction. Our goal is to have student in-person whenever possible. Unfortunately, our staffing situation or the number of district Coronavirus cases can change overnight. We will do our best to prevent the move back and forth. Thank you for your cooperation. Go to our web site for the latest Coronavirus information and for other supports for your students and family.

Thank you,

Dr. Michael J. Osborne, Superintendent

Hudson Area Schools

517-448-8912 (Office)

517-673-4519 (Mobile)

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